There are so many options on the market when it comes to the best baby products, but what do you really need to get prepared for your new arrival?

Everyone likes to share opinions on parenting and how to get your baby to sleep through the night. But what about the the actual best baby gear? I’m here to share with you the 10 best baby products that make life easier for our family.

I believe I am qualified to write this post- I have had 3 children over the past 7 years. My youngest is now what I like to call a “busy baby,” at 9 months old. We have had so many sleepless nights, diaper explosions and more baby gear, toys and clothes then we ever could have needed.

I’ve tried it all. Here’s the best baby products.

Being a Mom in suburbia with 3 boys and not a lot of money, I’ll share with you the baby gear we bought and liked. Not only are these items useful, nothing is super expensive. I’m extremely frugal and love saving money. Most of these products are available on, and we always use our Prime membership for free 2-day shipping.

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10 best baby products with baby in the backround

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Let’s get into it. This list of 10 best baby products is in no particular order, as we use and love all these things on a regular basis. Also, I have included links for these baby products that make life easier.

The Best Baby Products I ever bought.

1. Evenflo Baby Play Yard Gate

We have this play yard and love it. If I had to do a number one for this post, this would be it. It’s extremely versatile, we use it indoors and outdoors. This portable hexagon play yard offers 18.5 sq. feet for baby to play! There are a couple different color options, so if you’re using it inside, you can match it to your decor. You can lock it into hexagon shape, or keep it open and block off big doorways, tv, basically wherever you can’t put a traditional baby gate. We love it for outside, when we want to go play I just put one of these super awesome portable picnic mats down, and this octagon play yard on top of that.

2. Portable Picnic Mat

If you don’t already have one of these, you need to get one. Click that link and then come back and finish the list. I have the pineapple one shown above, and we have gotten our moneys worth and then some! I take this picnic mat to outdoor concerts, festivals, the park, and my yard. This is perfect for camping, hiking and the beach. The one I have is super portable and folds up to smaller than a piece of paper, so it’s easily kept in a diaper bag, purse or in your car. It’s water proof and if the ground is a little damp, it doesn’t seep through and get you wet if you’re sitting on it. Did I mention how much I love it? There’s a bunch of styles and patterns to choose from to match your personal style. This portable picnic mat is perfect for keeping your baby comfortable in the grass.

3. Regalo Portable Baby Play Yard

This is the perfect portable play yard for little ones. Not only is it easily collapsable, easily assembled- it also has a carrying case and sun canopy. Perfect for the beach, camping, taking to your older kids ball games and anywhere else you may need to go. It’s water resistant and the material is super easy to clean. We love it, I think you will too.

4. Silicone Teething Necklace by Nuby

This teething necklace is really nice for babies who are pulling and grabbing everything. When I wear it, my son grabs this rather than my hair. It’s also nice for breastfeeding, my son would grip onto the teething necklace as he was latched on. It’s BPA free and made of soft silicone. This is not the exact one I have, but is very similar. The reviews on this one are great, although they say the color is more purple than navy.

5. Kiinde Kozii Bottle warmer

There are so many bottle warmers out there, it’s hard to know what to get. With my last 2 children, we used Phillips Avent Bottles and loved them. My kids never had issues adjusting to the bottles even though we breastfed. The Phillips Avent bottles fit really nice in this Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer, and it even heats breastmilk safely. There is an easy timer, and I have no issues cleaning it regularly. I can warm a bottle of formula up to the perfect temperature for us in about 4 minutes. This bottle warmer looks pretty discrete and takes up very little space on our countertop. I like it a lot.

6. Pacifier Clips

If your baby uses a pacifier, I highly recommend getting these right now. Gone are the days of losing pacifiers! Seriously, they clip right on babies clothing and it’s easy to keep it with them all day. These pacifier clips are easy to clean, I just put them in the sink with the paci and wash gently by hand, and hang to dry. Our favorite paci’s are again, the Phillips Avent brand. But really, these clips are the beeeeees kneeees. And you should probably get some.

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7. Reusable organic bamboo boob milk pads

If you’re nursing, you know exactly why these come in handy. Because leaky tits become a part of life, and can cause discomfort and embarrassment. I like these reuseable breast pads, because they are organic bamboo and that just sounds nice. They are comfortable, and feel discrete. A small garment bag is included to keep them all together in the washing machine, which is nice. I used disposable breast pads for when I would be away for long days, but these were my go-to day to day boobie pads.

8. Play Saucer

Here’s another one of those baby products that just makes life easier. Throughout the years, we have had a couple different variations of these play saucers. Some offer a minimal design, some have more than enough toys and activities on there. It’s all up to personal preference, at this point in our lives we are using this one: Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Center, Spin ‘n Play Safari

We love this minimal play saucer because it’s lightweight, easy to move around, and my son enjoys it. It doesn’t take up a ton of space like some others do, and it was easy to assemble. I’ve included links to a couple others that are similar to ones we have either used, or are currently at the grandparents house.

9. Bandana Bib Teether

We love these. We use the Nuby Reversible Natural Cotton Muslin ones with our little guy. They’re really cute, and he loves to chew on everything, including these bandana teether bibs. I wash them with his normal laundry, and they have held up really nicely.

10. Teether Toys

A teething baby chews on everything! Your hair, your hand, your shirt, his shirt, his hand… the list goes on. Therefore, having an arsenal of teething toys will keep your baby happy and yourself sane. We have a ton of teething toys, in my car, in the house, in the diaper bag, and everywhere we can. My kid is always chewing on something, and I prefer it to not be my shirt.

Amazon Baby Registry

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There you have it, my list of 10 best baby products that you’ll actually use. What have you guys bought and loved for your babies? Share below in the comments!

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