When you look good, you feel good.

And when you feel good, you do good.

I feel what I do is so much more than “just hair.” About 90% of my clientele are women who do all the things.

You are so, so bad ass.

You are wives, daughters, mothers and friends. Some of you care for elderly parents, some are raising children. Some of you have like, so many kids and still make it to every game, concert and match. Some are fur mamas who love their fur babies just the same. Some are newly engaged or married, gleeing with love and hope. Some are widowed. Some work and work and work with dedication and still do all the other crap life throws at you!

For the last decade I have had all of these beautiful women who have shared your stories with me, your heartbreaks and moments of happiness. You taught me to be confident and accept a compliment, and how to listen (except when the blow dryer is on, then I just smile and nod.)

You have shared personal stories about motherhood and partnership, how you keep a marriage going into year 56, recipes, books, and making a house a home.

I have been there to do your wedding hair, and then a couple years later cut it off because your kids have sticky fingers and won’t leave it alone.

You remind me, with my young children that these are the good old days.

You keep me creative and give me opportunities to challenge myself. Your hair is my canvas, I get to highlight your beautiful features and help cover that pesky baby hair that just doesn’t seem to grow.

You are the reason I do what I do. I connect with, and learn from you. We make big, life-altering decisions together (ya know, 3 inches or 4, big difference!) You are beautiful on the outside (especially with that blowout,) but more so on the inside. You inspire me to go home and love my family, and show the world compassion and grace.

Thank you you for trusting me with the crown you wear everyday.


p.s. I promise to always be here to talk you out of bangs in the middle of summer.

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