Where I’ve been. To blog or not to blog.

I haven’t posted in a while, I’m not sure why. Lack of inspiration? Fear of judgement? Chaotic days that roll in to each other and no motivation to do anything more. Maybe I’m just batshit crazy and start a bunch of things never to follow through with them.

A few people have asked me if I’m still doing this, the answer is yes, I actually discovered writing is a fun creative outlet for me, yet the time and motivation does not come as easily.

It’s been a long two months, full of pee and vomit, a trip to Vegas, ending my breastfeeding journey, my work as a hairstylist has been busier than ever before, my baby started crawling and has 2 teeth, and the death of someone who has impacted my life more than he ever knew.

Opinions are annoying- but I want you to read mine.

Organizing my thoughts is sometimes a difficult task, as I am perplexed as to how I actually feel most of the time. I’m extremely indecisive when it comes to forming my own opinions, and I realized that that’s basically what blogging is- forming opinions and sharing them with the whole world wide web in text form. Opinions are like assholes, and yes, we all have them, and most of them stink.

There are days I feel like I’ve really got it going on- like yesterday. I joined the IPSY makeup subscription and received my first glam bag, full of fun new makeup that I most likely would not have purchased myself. As I was getting ready for work, I used each of the 5 things they sent me. As I finished my makeup I realized I hadn’t put a whole face on in quite sometime- and I felt pretty. I even busted out my giant hoop earrings because I just DGAF.

Kevin noticed me coming out of the bathroom, looking all fly and shizz and mentioned how I must be feeling myself because I had makeup on and my fancy unnecessarily large hoops in.

These are going to be referred to as “the pee days”

I feel like the past 2 months have dragged on, and I’ve just been barely getting by. My laundry mountain has peaked several times, I’ve been in this disgusting cycle of cleaning piss, shit, vomit, more piss, cracked raw eggs on my carpet (4 times!), more piss, more shit, more fucking vomit. These days are hard, and I’m just going to refer to them as the “pee days.” I know this is just a “season,” it won’t always be this hard, or smell this bad, and I won’t always second guess every decision I make regarding my discipline style, or lack there of.

I clean just to have to clean again. I scrub the bathroom floor just to have my kid miss the toilet and have to do it over again. I say no milk in the car just to give my kid milk in the car and him pour it all over the window. I’m fighting a constant battle that I feel I’m slowly losing.

My 2 year old discovered a new hobby- throwing raw eggs on the carpet. That was fun. He did it 4 times in 1 week. Then when he was in time out he would stare me in the eyes while peeing on the time out rug. Super fun. I’m guessing he is an alpha, confident in his behavior, basically fearless, and trying to figure out his place in the world. But it also causes me extreme frustration. I’m not gonna “beat that ass” because I’m just not fucking going to, and I don’t think it’s beneficial. I don’t want my kid to be afraid of me- I am his mom and his protector, here to nurture and love and guide him through life. I feel like I’m constantly searching for a discipline method that works for us, and respects our values. I will say we have not had an egg-cident (see what I did there) in a week and a half so that’s good.


We have started doing this funny thing while my kids are whining about how they like Cinnamon Toast Crunch better than the generic Aldi version where I yell back “Gabagoool” or “Shmargendardon” or some other random nonsense. My fiance and I think this is funny and it provides comic relief to the ridiculous complaining and screaming.

This parenting thing is hard, this relationship thing is hard, this friendship thing is hard. All of this adulting that we do is really fucking hard. I know everyone is out here, trying their best, all of us just became grown ups one day. I can’t believe I wanted to grow up so bad, and now my 7 year old is constantly telling me how he wants to be a grown-up and I’m so sad for him. He has no clue the freedom he has being a child. To him it feels like he has none- can’t walk to the park alone, can’t watch tv all night, can’t have a cell phone. I remember those days, and the absolute terror that I was to my parents, and I reflect on that trying to develop my own parenting strategies.

Being a mom in todays technologically advanced world, scared my kid is gonna get abducted, hit by a car or bullied is tough. I want my kids to enjoy childhood and actually enjoy being a child. When I was 13 I wanted nothing more than to be an adult, I wanted to do things grown ups did, and I did just that, I started acting like a grown-up, without all of the responsibility that adults actually had.

I’m now 27 and have 3 kids, I’m forever engaged to someone I love so dearly, but am constantly complaining to him because I’m not where I wanna be in life. I want to plan a wedding but it seems too hard. I want to buy a house, our house is small and we rent and it’s frustrating to feel so close to buying, but so fucking far away– we’re almost financially ready, we have built our credit over the last 3 years, we’re adulting in a lot of adultish areas, and trying to make decisions that benefit our family. I work on the east side and my family is here, he works on the west side and his family is there. The school districts in the middle either suck, or the area is too expensive for us currently. These stressors are something I didn’t even know about until I got to this stage of life.

I imagine that’s how the rest of my adulthood is going to go- not knowing how hard it is until we get there.

How do you make time for your relationship when your partner works 80 hours a week, and your kids pee everywhere, and you’re wiping butts all day long, and then when he gets home- dinner was 4 hours ago and the kids have been screaming all day and you didn’t even change out of your pajamas? Asking for a friend.

Really though, I am asking for myself, because this shit is hard, and the last couple months have been challenging in just about every area of my life. I want to take me time, I want to take time to care for myself- ya know, shower, laundry, quiet time for reflection. I know, these struggles are super tiny in the eyes of big problems- war, death, family tragedies, but in the moment when we are experiencing it- they feel big, and that’s why I am sharing. Mostly because I don’t talk to a lot of people, I am introverted to the extreme and don’t feel comfortable reaching out most days, I typically go at it alone because it’s what I’ve always been comfortable with.

My fiances best friend passed away unexpectedly a couple weeks ago- it was devastating. This man was charismatic and charming, and loved his friends so much. He was there for my fiance when he needed it most, and left an impact on the way he carried himself, and for that I am so, so grateful. When he died, I have never ever seen my fiance so sad, he was heartbroken and I didn’t know how to comfort him. I’ve never lost a close friend, I can’t pretend I know how it feels. A few of my friends reached out to me, and I am so thankful- they care about my family, and they care about me.

It is pretty obvious to me that my fiances friends care about him- his phone is always ringing, group texts, whatever. He’s had a lot of the same friends for over 10 years, he’s social and charming and really intelligent. He’s good at being a friend. He cares and is always willing to help people when they need it. It’s part of the reason I was so attracted to him. To witness him grieving is heartbreaking. I know it hurts. I know he has so much on his plate, and to top it all off he deals with me and my irrational outbursts or crying, screaming and being a nutcase.


I don’t want to be the way that I am, I joke with him that if he thinks I’m annoying, he should just be happy he’s not stuck in my head. But it’s really not a joke, there’s so much crap I filter through, unsure of what to say, what to do, how to feel, how to act- I get it all jumbled up and sometimes melt down. I think that’s what I noticed when I was actively writing- it took a bit of that away.

I’m gonna keep blogging, sometimes about dumb stuff like how I save money, because I get really excited about saving a few bucks on things I was already planning on buying ( I am my fathers daughter,) or thrifting (I am my mothers daughter) and maybe more “dear diary” posts like this one- because it feels good to get my thoughts out, and put them somewhere.

I’m gonna continue this adult journey with as much patience as I can possibly muster up. It’s not coming easy, and a lot of days I feel like I am failing. I don’t want to live life by “just getting by,” I want the things I do to serve a purpose, and produce positive results, I don’t want to second guess every fucking thing I do because of fear. I don’t want to constantly yell at my kids because they’re just being kids. I want to share love and live with passion. I want to be grateful, and be subconsciously aware that these are the “good old days” and while they’re hard (and covered in piss) they’re also really sweet and my kids are the cutest and they are loved so, so much.

So I guess I’ll just keep climbing Mt. Laundrypile and buying vinegar in bulk to keep funk at bay. I’ll do my best to remain calm, and continue to hug my kids and smell their hair. I’ll let my partner know I love him and appreciate him, even when he leaves dirty socks on the floor. I’ll make a point to get my kids outside each day as the weather is warming up, and I’ll continue schooling them in hide-and-seek. I’m gonna let my friends and family know I love them, because we really never know what the future holds- and what the fuck is actually holding me back from expressing appreciation to those that are always there no matter what?

There is hope in the Spring

The sunset gets prettier, the air feels better, and gratitude seems easier to come by. I will do my best to live in this mindset more often. Things aren’t as bad as they feel, and I truly believe there is always hope.

And as always, I’m gonna continue being weird and unapologetically me– for there is no one else I’d rather be. (except maybe Beyonce before she married Jay-Z.)

What’s been up with you dudes?

Do you have any tips on adulting that I can benefit from? Or any tips how to get raw egg or vomit stains out of carpet? Or how about keeping giant carpenter ants out of your house?

Seriously, leave me a comment and share with me your best adulting advice!


I Just Wanted to start.

I just wanted to start doing something.

I wanted to start doing something meaningful.

I wanted to start doing something that sparked joy.

I wanted to start doing something I felt mattered.

I just wanted to start doing.

I wanted to start being mindful.

I wanted to start being tidy.

I wanted to start communicating effectively.

I just wanted to start.

I started to be mindful.

I started to be tidy.

I started to communicate with intention.

I started to quiet self-doubt.

I started to express myself without fear of judgement.

I realized if I want to start.

I just fucking start.


LET IT GO- A poem for your sock basket.

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Why do you hold on to a fragment of hope, waiting,

knowing deep down inside it’s gone?

Why do you cling to the unsoiled fabric that once was,

knowing deep down inside it’s gone?

Why do you sift through the memories,

thinking where it could be,

but deep down inside

you know

it’s gone.

Why do you hoard and you stash, only to be let down


day after day.

Why do you you carry the weight in the basket, dropping bits

scrambling to pick them back up

and harbor them until another day.

You grasp at a possible prospect,

knowing the truth.

why do you insist that one day in the near future a match will be made?

because deep down inside

you know it won’t.

And the only thing left to do is

let it go.

A poem for the mismatch sock basket.
Today I will let it go.

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A letter from your hairstylist

When you look good, you feel good.

And when you feel good, you do good.

I feel what I do is so much more than “just hair.” About 90% of my clientele are women who do all the things.

You are so, so bad ass.

You are wives, daughters, mothers and friends. Some of you care for elderly parents, some are raising children. Some of you have like, so many kids and still make it to every game, concert and match. Some are fur mamas who love their fur babies just the same. Some are newly engaged or married, gleeing with love and hope. Some are widowed. Some work and work and work with dedication and still do all the other crap life throws at you!

For the last decade I have had all of these beautiful women who have shared your stories with me, your heartbreaks and moments of happiness. You taught me to be confident and accept a compliment, and how to listen (except when the blow dryer is on, then I just smile and nod.)

You have shared personal stories about motherhood and partnership, how you keep a marriage going into year 56, recipes, books, and making a house a home.

I have been there to do your wedding hair, and then a couple years later cut it off because your kids have sticky fingers and won’t leave it alone.

You remind me, with my young children that these are the good old days.

You keep me creative and give me opportunities to challenge myself. Your hair is my canvas, I get to highlight your beautiful features and help cover that pesky baby hair that just doesn’t seem to grow.

You are the reason I do what I do. I connect with, and learn from you. We make big, life-altering decisions together (ya know, 3 inches or 4, big difference!) You are beautiful on the outside (especially with that blowout,) but more so on the inside. You inspire me to go home and love my family, and show the world compassion and grace.

Thank you you for trusting me with the crown you wear everyday.


p.s. I promise to always be here to talk you out of bangs in the middle of summer.

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Why I started a blog.

A great attempt at making sense of this life. Trying to find balance in the day to day and navigate adulthood while constantly thinking, how did I get here?  

I am investing in myself. I am full of creativity and ideas and love. As I am officially in my late twenties trying to navigate motherhood and partnership, a shred of a social life, and make time to tend to my creative spark. I will reflect on my days and weeks with purpose and gratitude, I will allow myself to create and love without boundaries. 

When I sit here and reflect, just how did this become my life- how I have 3 miniature humans whom are each in their own way tiny sass-ass versions of Jess. They are wild and rambunctious, emotional and loud, and most of the time they love me almost as much as I love them. 

How I have a partner who has stood by me and supported me in every weird endeavor I become obsessed with (I purchased this domain for 1 year, we will see how it goes) and loves me, neck tat and all. We used to say the “universe shifted” the first day we held hands in his car, leaving a cemetary after pulling an all nighter and drinking copious amounts of red bull and laughing way harder than I had ever before. One of these days I’m going to write it all out, the love story that is ours, the beautiful early days that when I was living in them felt soft and full to the dark times where I thought what the fuck is life and why the fuck does it hurt so bad?  Yet, one day in June 2013 the universe shifted to give us this bright life, one filled with meaning and purpose and  so much love- it was something like serendipity.

As the years have passed by I have had many, many moments that i think back to that word- serendipity. How and why do these happy little special lucky things happen to me of all people? 

Im just a basic ass bitch who used to want to fight everyone and get way sloppy drunk every night and teased my hair too big to now having days where anxiety rules my every thought and I have to turn around and go back home to make sure I turned off the coffee pot. I also now have times where I can’t go 20 minutes without wiping someones butt or whipping my tit out to feed my baby. Many days I think, shit, did I brush my teeth? Sure, I can wear the same leggings again because fuck it, right? 

My oh my how times change! I feel lucky to call this messy life mine, and when I squint and blur my vision just right, I see so many instances of the universe sending me those beautiful VIBEZ.

Bangin’ at 5 years old.

Im not sure exactly why I’m here, with a desire to write it all out, I’m actually a semi-private person on the internet so this is weird. I love to create and craft and let my mind wander without fear of fucking it up. Ive never crafted with words before, but I’m pretty excited to see where we go. I have alot of stuff up in this dome piece that I am sure I will benefit from getting out. 

I often joke with my fiance’ about being stuck permanently in my head. Like, if you think I’m annoying- how the fuck do you think I feel? I mean, I’m stuck in here all the time with little relief. 

The phenomenon of serendipity interests me, and has ever since I saw it on pinterest. It makes me feel special and that as long as I’m actively remaining open to new ideas and experiences, then really great, even amazing things can happen to me too. It is my hope to share these experiences with you, so that you in turn, will share yours with me.